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SWASTI eco cottage

The Swasti “Eco Cottages & Restaurant” is a sustainable eco-lodge located in Ubud, in the island of Bali.
The owners are French and their interest in ecology ranges in different fields:
– Employ of local materials: all furniture and manufactured items in the buildings are made of local materials, especially bamboo employed for the construction of bungalows, beds, wardrobes, desks, shelves, napkin holders, spice holders, straws, etc.


During our trip to Bali we visited this amazing school immersed in the jungle near Ubud, close to the river Ayung and to many paddy fields.

The sound of a gong announces the beginning of the lessons which take place in bamboo pavilions with no walls.
Desks, chairs and whiteboards are made of bamboo and all around it’s just jungle! 


When we travelled to Costa Rica we went toward the Pacific coast looking for Pachamama, a place for growing your self-awareness and experiencing a more spiritual lifestyle.
Pachamama was founded in 1999 by Tyohar and his travel friends with a deep passion for truth, meditation, silence and transformation.

Staying at Pachamama inspires personal spiritual exploration and living in harmony with mother Earth and all its elements. Since its establishment Pachamama has become a point of reference for people all around the world, creating a field of energy which is colourful and simply unique. It’s the ideal place for immersing yourself in a spiritual journey of transformation and physical rejuvenation while being in contact with nature and your inner soul.
Pachamama has been designed for challenging and embracing yourself. Here you can experience life completely, the energy of being together and the silent when staying alone. It’s a true temple of transformation.  

It wasn’t thought to become an ecovillage, but the desire for a healthier, natural and simple lifestyle has always been there. The adventure officially started in 2013 and the ecologic vision of Pachamama tries to embrace permaculture, cultivation of local organic products and living in a sustainable way.

PER – Park for Renewable Energy

PER is the result of a couple’s desire to put into practice the huge amount of theories that they had been studying over years and to realise a common dream. So together Alessandro and Chiara found a beautiful farmhouse in the Umbrian countryside, some friends who followed them and the willing to start a new life.

“The challenge was to start again the cultivation in the fields and solve the problems of water shortage.”    

ANANDA – Assisi

Ananda is a spiritual retreat located on the beautiful Umbrian hills, near Assisi, the city of Saint Francis. The Ananda Centre offers hospitality and many programs based on the principles of Kriya Yoga and Self-realization, which were brought to the Western world by Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the spiritual classic, Autobiography of a Yogi. His direct disciple Swami Kriyananda (1926 – 2013), the founder of Ananda communities in the United States, Europe and India, has continued to develop and spread these universal and practical teachings around the world.

As we usually do when we visit this kind of places, we try to get the most of what they offer: their philosophy, their food, the environment, the buildings where daily activities are carried out and the spirit of the people that make these places so special!

To us Ananda was really enlightening.


While I was looking for farms that cultivate flax seeds and sunflower seeds in Italy, I found their website, which I showed to Francesco right away. Less than a week after, we were going to visit them and, as usual, get some inspiration for La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza.

Like all people who live in contact with nature and care about both the environment and people’s wellbeing, since the beginning Alfredo and his family have proved to be kind, welcoming and full of love and passion for what they do every day.

TORRI SUPERIORE, the medieval ecovillage

During the XX century, the medieval ecovillage Torri Superiore was gradually abandoned by all the citizens, falling into decline and becoming a ghost village. Its beautiful towers and terraces were completely deserted and in ruin.
The Cultural Association Torri Superiore, was established in 1989 just with the social purpose of restoring and repopulating this village, creating a resident community, an ecovillage and a cultural centre open to public. Today the Association counts around 30 members, both residents and not and it abide by the principles of sustainability, cooperation and solidarity. It doesn’t have any political, ideological or religious affiliation.

SILENT RETREAT: the magic of silence

During our trip to Bali, we found ourselves with a colourful leaflet in our hands describing this place with organic food, yoga and meditation classes, rice fields and jungle…exactly what we were looking for, even though the name suggested even more.
As soon as we got there, they greeted us at a certain distance from the main building and they explained us how everything works during your staying at Silent Retreat. There is only one rule: KEEP SILENT!