Environment and territory

Environment and Territory

The total area of the Farm is 68 hectares, mostly characterized by woods of oak, hop hornbeam and beech (50%), grazing land (35%) and cultivated fields (15%).

Most of the property is located North-West of the Farm centre and lies from 1,050 to 860 meters above sea level, while the widest part, which also includes all the buildings, lies from 820 to 550 meters above sea level. The two areas are 50 meters apart (as the crow flies) and they are linked by a municipal road that then becomes the “Casa Monte Frullo” private road.

The fields cultivated by Macrolibrarsi since 2009 were previously used for livestock purposes (cattle grazing for meat production). Over the years, the grasslands would be partly cultivated for forage crop production and partly exploited as grazing land.

The fields are mainly facing South-East and the prevailing wind comes from South (locally called “vento”).

L’esposizione prevalente dei terreni è a sud-est, il vento dominante proviene da sud ed è denominato localmente  “vento”.

The soil does not have the same characteristics throughout the whole area, but is generally medium textured and tends to be silty. There is a considerable concentration of stones (also in the topsoil) and the ph is sub-alkaline. In the cultivated fields near the Farm centre there is no actual soil stratification until 12 meters underground, where the rock layer lies. This is probably due to a very ancient landslide. On the other hand, in the highest fields the rock is very close to the upper layer of the soil and sometimes emerges from the ground.

The average annual rainfall ranges from 1,000 to 1,300 mm, and rainfall is mainly concentrated in autumn, winter and spring, while summers are rather dry.
In recent years snowfall has decreased considerably, except for an extraordinary snow storm in 2012. Anyhow, snow usually does not last for a long time as the fields face South-East.

The area is very rich in water springs which provide water in abundance. However, if the summer is particularly hot with very little rainfall, the streams on the Farm do run dry just like the other streams nearby.

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